K9 Trails


China Ridge has designated dog runs where responsible dog owners can enjoy the beauty of China Ridge while skiing with their pet.  The K9 trails are packed, groomed and marked with the K9 sign shown above.

China Ridge is one of the few areas that offers a network of off leash dog trails. With over twenty kilometres of groomed canine trails, there is plenty of space to allow a workout or a leisurely trek for both you and your dog.

For the sake of safety  and in consideration of other users  we ask that you please keep your dog on a leash in the parking area and use only trails that are marked for dog use. Dogs should remain on their leash until you reach signs that say “leash off” which are located a short distance from the parking area. Please be courteous and remember that some people, especially small children can be afraid of dogs.

New trails were built “for the dogs” by club volunteers that are dog lovers and owners that like to venture out on the trails with their best friends.  The most popular is the K9 trail, along this route is the “Dawg House” shelter where you can enjoy views of the beautiful Similkameen valley and toast a sandwich over an open fire. This is a place where dogs can enjoy  wide open spaces.

The main K9 trail can be accessed from the main parking area at 7.5 km on the Snowpatch Road. When leaving the Longhouse the K9 trail is located just below the main trail and runs parallel for 400 meters up to the major trail network junction. The lower parking area at 5 km on the Snowpatch road is the start of the Kayne 9 and EYC trails that are both dog friendly.

If you are wanting a longer ski you can venture out back beyond the Dawg House to either Bob’s Shelter or the China Ridge Backcountry Hut. This route, called the Lind Burn Run, is shared with other skiers so we ask that you be respectful and keep your dog close and under control.

There are a few multi-use trails like the Dixon, EYC and the Little Loop that also allow dogs if you would like to stay closer to the main parking area.

Keep in mind that none of us like doggy klister.  If your dog poops, you scoop, this will also keep our volunteer trail groomers happy .

Dogs are not permitted inside of the Longhouse Trailhead Warming Hut or the China Ridge Backcountry Hut.

Maintaining good relations with all users is the responsibility of the dog owners.

Skijoring and skiing with your dog are permitted on the designated trails only. They begin at the trail head parking lot. (see downloadable map for details)

China Ridge executive and members ask that you respect the rules so that dogs may continue to share our trails hazard-free!

What you should know

K 9 - 4.5 kilometres

Kayne 9 - 4.2 kilometres

Lind Loop - 1.2 kilometres


Dog under control at all times

Use extra caution near children

Respect leash on areas

Clean up after your dog

No skiing with groups of dogs

No dogs at public events

No dogs in shelters

Dogs on K9 and multi-use trails only

Trails (see downloadable map details)

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